National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

University Colleges and Facilities
(Athens, Greece)

The University of Athens operates five schools and a number of independent faculties. Each school acts a the administrative arm of several academic faculties, with the Schools of Science and Philosophy being the largest.

School of Theology

The School of Theology is responsible for the Faculties of Theology and Social Theology. In turn, each of these faculties has several academic departments in its care. The Faculty of Theology oversees the Departments of Biblical Studies and Church History, among others. The Faculty of Social Theology, on the other hand, is responsible for courses offered by the Departments of Canon Law and Byzantine Theology and Science of Religion, Philosophy, and Sociology, among others.

School of Philosophy

One of the largest University schools, the School of Philosophy is the administrative arm of 10 academic faculties and almost 30 departments. Faculties of the school include German Studies, English Studies, Philology, and History and Archaeology. Departments in this school's care include the Departments of Philosophy, Pedagogy, Psychology, and Literature and Culture.

School of Health Sciences

Most classes for the students of the School of Health Sciences are held on the Goudi campus. In terms of structure, the school oversees the four Faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Nursing. Each faculty looks after a total of 19 academic departments, making these some of the largest faculties in the University.

School of Law, Economics, and Political Sciences

Each of the subheadings of law, economics, and political science and public administration are independent faculties in the care of this school. Academic departments include Political Economy, Political Science, and Civil, Private, and Public Law.

Independent Faculties

Independent faculties do not have an administrative arm as such, but still offer high-quality courses. Physical Education and Sport Science, Primary Education, and Early Childhood Education are just a few of these independent faculties.

School of Sciences

Another large school, the School of Sciences is the administrative arm of six faculties and close to 30 academic departments. Faculties include Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, while departments include Mathematical Analysis, Algebra and Geometry, Zoology and Marine Biology, Botany, and three separate Chemistry departments.

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