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The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, simply referred to as the University of Athens, is the oldest university in the eastern Mediterranean. Established in 1837, it is considered a worldwide centre of learning in philosophy, theology, and the humanities.

The University of Athens was first known as the Othonian University, and it held its classes in the home of architect Stamatis Kleanthes. It originally had four academic faculties: Theology, Law, Arts (which included math and engineering courses), and Medicine. The university started with 33 professors, 52 students, 75 auditors, and an assortment of students who wanted to attend lectures without receiving credit for their attendance. Its structural expansion began when a new building designed by Danish architect Christian Hansen was built in November 1841. In 1904, the Faculty of Arts was divided into the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Sciences. The departments of Physics and Mathematics and the School of Pharmacy made up the Faculty of Sciences. The Department of Chemistry was added in 1919, while the Department of Pharmacy was added in 1922. Soon after, the School of Dentistry was added to the Faculty of Medicine.


The University of Athens maintains four campuses. The main campus in Illisia is located on Panepistimioupoli Avenue and contains most of the university's academic buildings. Basketball courts, swimming pools, football fields, and restaurants are all located in this campus. The Museum of University History is located in the Athens campus, while most of the important buildings of the Faculty of Medicine are located in the Goudi campus. The smallest among the four campuses is the Daphne campus.

Famous Students

The University of Athens has produced its share of notables and celebrities. Some of its famous graduates are prominent Greek politician Konstantinos Karamanlis, world-renowned film director Theodoros Angelopoulos, and Lasker Awardee Dr. Georgios N. Papanikolaou who made a research on the female menstrual cycle and its relation to the diagnosis of uterine cancer.

The University of Athens has been active in collaborating with other universities in and outside of Europe. It welcomes international exchange students, professors, and researchers through its different international programmes. Interested students can contact the Public & International Relations Directorate at (+30) 210 36 89 726 or visit the university's European and International Relations Department website.

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